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As we have already mentioned in other pages of our web site, "It's your van, you tell us what you want and where you want it and we will do it, no problem". This statement not only applies to our commercial customers, we also extend this service to you, the private customer as well.

We can take any make of van, new or used, and transform your idea's, any idea's, into a van that you can really be proud of.


Used Van

"We can refurbish used vans"

Examples of this includes the fitting or fabrication of :
  • Lighting
  • Awnings
  • Wheelchair Lifts & Accessories
  • Fully Trimmed Interiors
  • Flat Panel TV's
  • Van Entertainment:
    Playstation, DVD, Music Systems
  • Extra Seating
  • Glazing
  • Camper Van Conversions
  • Kombi Van Conversions
  • Day Van Conversions
  • Cooking & Drinking Facilities
  • Rock & Roll Beds
  • Sleeping Facilities
  • Furniture / Built-in
  • Surfboard / Sports Equipment Storage
  • Curtains
  • Supplied & Fitted Seatbelts
  • Animal / Dog Cages Fitted
  • 240 Volts Hook Ups
  • Leisure Batteries / Split Charge Systems
  • And Much, Much More.....

T5 VW Van

"We can convert new vans"

Below are several images with links, which will, when selected, take you to the first page of many for that particular job. The pages show you different stages of the work being carried out and you can browse through the images by using the navigation links at the top of the page.

Obviously, this is only a fraction of what we can accomplish with vans. If you require any work carried out on your van, a conversion, an adaption or a repair, get in contact with Bob Scott, the owner of R S Van Interiors. You can find all the relevant details on our Contact Page.

Quayside Windsurfers

Leisure Van Conversion

Trimmed Van
Fully Trimmed
Taxi Conversion
Taxi Conversion
Work & Leisure Van
Work & Leisure

Trimmed Interior
Trimmed Interior

Full Strip & Trim
Fully Stripped
Wheel Chair Vehicle
Adapted for Wheelchair
Camper Van Conversion
Camper Van Conversion
Seat Belts
Seat Belts

Kitchen Facilities

Rock & Roll Bed Fabrication & Fitting

Dog Cages

Camper Van Conversion

Seat Conversion

Below is a link that shows a selection of vans all grouped together. There are vans at different stages of fabrication and of different makes and models.

Click Here

For those of you out there who are interested in restoration work, RS Van Interiors owns a 1959 split screen panel VW van and are in the process of carrying out a private, complete restoration project. Click on the link below to see more images.

Restoration Project


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